Mobile Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT)

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Mobile VSAT is communication solution for providing high-speed satellite Internet service from anywhere and is the ideal choice for businesses operating in remote, temporal and emergency areas. It is a niche in technology with broad applications for practically any marketplace. The systems mount easily on top of vehicles and with a simple push of a button the VSAT antenna automatically deploys and locks on to the selected satellite to automatically connect you to the Internet at broadband speeds of your choice.

Mobile VSAT Applications

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The following are the key advantages of Mobile VSATs:

  • Rapid deployment: At quick one-button deployment, the dish will automatically deploy, lock on satellite and create a high-speed network for any in range computers, smartphones or other wireless devices
  • All Weather, All Conditions: The Mobile VSAT is built for extreme environments. It can handle extreme rain and wind.
  • Scalable: Mobile VSAT system can grow to facilitate more bandwidth, with the addition of more interfaces.
  • Flexible: Can be easily integrated to complement, or extend any communications network, helping overcome geographical barriers, terrestrial network limitations and other constraining infrastructure issue


  • Power must be stable
  • If running a Generator; customer to provide UPS as Generator fluctuations damage Indoor units and transmitter


Based on specific customer requirements.