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As the enabler of a digital Home & office, BTC is re-launching its enhanced Broadband service offering, in support of the national broadband strategy.

BTC Broadband Revamp
At BTCL we love our broadband and we believe that everyone should experience our Affordable, limitless, dependable, multi-tasking broadband. Now with reduced pricing and introducing 1 and 2 year contracts, we have passed on the savings from the recent International Bandwidth price reduction to you our customer.

Introducing Wireless Broadband
You demanded it, and now it is here. BTCL proudly introduces Wireless Broadband, a technology which allows us to provide service to previously un-serviced areas with no copper lines. Increasingly our customers have also been demanding faster internet speeds, and with Wireless Broadband we are now able to provide speeds of up to 20MB. (That’s a giant leap from the previous highest speed of 4MB.)  

Broadband Packages

The Broadband Packages below are available to residential customers at all BTCL shops, and to business customers (in particular SMMEs)  through their Account Managers.



Fast Broadband
(0.5Mbps – 1Mbps)

Faster Broadband

Fastest Broadband


Monthly charges Range (VAT excl)

Monthly charges Range (VAT excl)

Monthly charges Range (VAT excl)

12 Months

P259.00 - P494.42

P442.00 - P735.44

P1170.71 – P1763.32

24 Months

P244.00 - P398.85

P408.00 – P604.41

P1036.46 – P1588.52

  • Wired and wireless access available depending on customer location.


  • All options come standard with our WIFI enabled modem that enable multi-tasking & simultaneous access for up to 4 users.
  • Existing Retail ADSL customers will be migrated to new product names (however without contract)


Terms & Conditions apply.

Wireles Broadband Packages

Wired Broadband Packages
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