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TurnUp Bundle Packages

TurnUp bundles are general use volume based bundles which offer a large bundle for a specified validity period.

Validity Bundle Price
1 Day12MBP2
1 Day30MBP5
1 Day150MBP15
7 Days500MBP40
7 Days1GBP65
7 Days2GBP99
14 Days500MBP65
14 Days5GBP299
30 Days1GBP125
30 Days2GBP190
30 Days3GBP289

BTC Video Bundles

BTC Video Bundles allow users to watch videos on their mobile phones and Sim capable tablet devices using the DStv Now App.

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Bundle Price

*All bundles are only for DSTV content use and are valid for 30days.

Live Social

Social Media Bundle which allows consumers to access social media content including: Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram. The bundle has a daily limit of 500MB which is more than our competitors offer and it offers Instagram which our competitors don’t.

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Bundle Price
1 DayP5
7 DayP15
30 DayP60

Promotional Turnup Bundles

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Validity Bundle Price
1 Day20MBP2
1 Day100MBP5
1 Day500MBP10
1 Day1GBP20
7 Day250MBP15
7 Day500MBP30
7 Day1GBP60
14 Days1GBP65
14 Days2GBP75
14 Days3GBP85
1 Month1GBP75
1 Month3GBP90
1 Month5GBP110
1 Month10GBP220
1 Month15GBP300

Prepaid Voice Bundles

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    BE Free Plus

    BeFree Bundles (Voice Only)

Packages Description Price (BWP) Validity
1 Day30 mins of on-net calls5.001 Day
1 DayUnlimited on-net calls10.001 Day
7 DaysUnlimited on-net calls30.007 Days
30 Days Unlimited on-net calls99.0030 Days

*All Rates are VAT inclusive.

Offer 2 (Voice & Data)

Packages Description Price (BWP) Validity
1 DayUnlimited on-net calls,15 Cross-net mins & 75MB15.001 Day
7 DaysUnlimited on-net calls, 30 Cross-net mins & 200MB30.007 Days
30 DaysUnlimited on-net calls, 50 Cross-net mins & 1GB110.0030 Days

*All Rates are VAT inclusive.

Night Riders

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    Bundle Duration Price

    Night Riders Data Bundles give you unlimited internet from 00:00am to 05:00am to visit any site.