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BTC Video Bundles

BTC Video Bundles allow users to watch videos on their mobile phones and Sim capable tablet devices using the DStv Now App.

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Bundle Price

*All bundles are only for DSTV content use and are valid for 30days.

Live Social

Social Media Bundle which allows consumers to access social media content including: Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram. The bundle has a daily limit of 500MB which is more than our competitors offer and it offers Instagram which our competitors don’t.

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Bundle Price
1 DayP5
7 DayP15
30 DayP60

Promotional Turnup Bundles

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Validity Bundle Price
1 Day20MBP2
1 Day100MBP5
1 Day500MBP10
1 Day1GBP20
7 Day250MBP15
7 Day500MBP30
7 Day1GBP60
14 Days1GBP65
14 Days2GBP75
14 Days3GBP85
1 Month1GBP75
1 Month3GBP90
1 Month5GBP110
1 Month10GBP220
1 Month15GBP300

Prepaid Voice Bundles

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    BE Free Plus

    BeFree Bundles (Voice Only)

Packages Description Price (BWP) Validity
1 Day30 mins of on-net calls5.001 Day
1 DayUnlimited on-net calls10.001 Day
7 DaysUnlimited on-net calls30.007 Days
30 Days Unlimited on-net calls99.0030 Days

*All Rates are VAT inclusive.

Offer 2 (Voice & Data)

Packages Description Price (BWP) Validity
1 DayUnlimited on-net calls,15 Cross-net mins & 75MB15.001 Day
7 DaysUnlimited on-net calls, 30 Cross-net mins & 200MB30.007 Days
30 DaysUnlimited on-net calls, 50 Cross-net mins & 1GB110.0030 Days

*All Rates are VAT inclusive.

Night Riders

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    Bundle Duration Price

    Night Riders Data Bundles give you unlimited internet from 00:00am to 05:00am to visit any site.